Dear Colleagues,

The second KHEDI Congress of The Feline Medicine Association will be held in Istanbul, in a well-known cultural centre of Turkey, on December 4th-6th, 2019. This is expected to be a wonderful opportunity to exchange information between science and veterinary feline medicine, exhibit scientific achievements and novel products, make new collaborations, and seek future development. In our first congress, we had an exciting duel in the presentation of our world-famous speakers, soft tissue surgeon Jolle Kirpensteijn and oncologist Craig Clifford. We were honored that Dr. Kirpensteijn announced a new surgical technique that developed by himself, for the first time at our congress. All colleagues who are interested in this kind of experience and innovations in feline practice will be welcomed warmly to visit Istanbul for this event.

The Committee is working hardly to create a successful congress where science meets practice for feline health focusing on “Viral CAT!”.

Topics are on:
1. Ophtalmology
2. FCoV and Feline Infectious Peritonitis
3. Viral Infectious Diseases
4. Viral Prophylaxis and Disinfection
5. Neurology
6. Thorax Surgery
7. Imaging
8. Pulmonology
9. Internal Medicine
10. Gastroenterology
11. Clinical Pathology
12. Emergency & Critical Care

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